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Earn an Additional $500 or more FREE CASH this Tax Season

We understand many people are still struggling to get back on track since the start of the pandemic, therefore we have a stimulus just for you. Earn an additional $500 or more with your tax preparation. We are here to get you the maximum deduction on your tax return. We search for hidden tax credits and uncommon tax deductions. Our goal is to increase your refund according to the tax laws as well as reduced tax obligations by educating tax payers on all the eligible credits and deductions. How do I earn an additional $500 or more cash? I'm glad you ask, see more details below;

After you hire us, we prepare and submit your return. Then, once you refer 10 business clients to get their taxes prepared by J Victorian Business Services LLC or 20 individual clients, you get $500 CASH. As you refer more clients, you get more.

All clients referred must get the full service and submission in order to earn the fee. Why are we reliable? We have over 20 years tax experience with individual tax returns and small business returns.


Let's get started today, contact us Tax Season officially opens February 12th. Also, view additional services

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