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Small Business Grants & Loans

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

The Cares Act has allocated more funding through EIDL -Economic Injury Disaster Loan. Did you know your business could be eligible for an advance grant up to $10,000? If qualified you have up to 30 years to pay back the loan with an interest rate of 3.75%. You may qualify for a loan up to $2 Million. We are here to assist with this process. Contact us now or visit the website.

Small Business Funding

Are you a small business trying to survive the pandemic? We are here to assist you. You may be eligible to receive government funding. We have assisted clients with getting grants ranging from $1K, $2K, $3K, $5K, $9K and more. These same clients were qualified and approved for loans $6K, $14,500, $100,000 & $150,000 to name a few.

Make the connection before it's too late

Don't miss your opportunity to save your business. Funding are available on first come, first served basis. Visit and contact us now so we can get the money you need to navigate the Coronavirus Pandemic.

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