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Publicly Traded Stock of Black-Owned Companies

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

In the fight against injustice, inequality, police brutality and racism. Many companies and individuals have decided to give more attention to African American Business Owners. Larger corporations have dedicated millions of dollars to support organizations in the fight against inequality, injustice, and racism. There's been a major struggle and constant unfairness when it comes to opportunities available for the African American Community. Many individuals have displayed the skillset, experience and more knowledge than those of their counterparts, However, many times overlooked and rejected the same access to showcase these skills.


Now, more attention, time and focus is being shown to Minority-owned businesses. People are standing in solidarity with the African American Community to show support. As well as, offering financial support via grants, scholarships and other resources. See a list of just a few black-owned publicly traded companies below:

View the owners/founders and company details in each slide below:

These owners have worked hard to reach this level. Support Businesses who show a reflection of the standards and beliefs you live by.


Here at J Victorian Business Services, LLC, we have been founded on the principles of equal opportunities, justice, fair treatment and other characteristics. As the Owner/founder of J Victorian Business Services LLC,, we would love the opportunity to service you and partner with individuals in need of our services. See more details on how we assist small business owners with various business services. Use the hashtag #myblackreceipts show your investments support to the businesses menu above and details from black-owned businesses.

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